Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will guarantee you start to attract
more clients from speaking. More offers.... More Sales.... More Clients.
Workshop Profit Secret System
     How to Sell High End Coaching & Consulting From the Stage
  • How to add an extra $100,000 + income stream or more per year using speaking and hosting small intimate workshops.
  • I’m going to show you all of the MISTAKES I made learning it and how to avoid them so you just ROCK it right out of the gate!
  • A totally unique way to sell high end coaching or consulting from the back of the room... that I guarantee you NOBODY else is teaching you ( I know because I created this system that my high end clients NOW use to double and quadruple their incomes with).
Workshop Talk BluePrint
       Craft Your Talk From The Minute You Walk on Stage - What to say and how to say it
  • How to create IRRESISTIBLE workshop talks that pull in your ideal clients like bees to honey :)
  • How to engage a room as soon as you enter it, how to seed your offers from the very beginning, how to organize your ideas, flesh out your stories and teaching materials so you engage and inspire your audience to stay alert and take action all the way through.
  • I even share with you HOW I teach and how to create your own experiential learning techniques and facilitation exercises, WHY it's so important ( and why  it's even more important than WHAT you teach!)
  • I'll share with you my EXACT workshop profits template that's FILL IN THE BLANKS so wondering what to say and how to say it or how to organize it will never be a problem again.
Copy + Paste Workshop Flyer
  How to create eye catching flyers and position yourself as an Expert People Want to Come and Learn From
  • The #1 mistake that coaches, consultants and info experts make that kill their chances of being seen and how to permanently avoid it.
  • How to create engaging workshop flyers that position you as an expert people want to come and learn from EVEN if you don't have a website! (And why you should actually do THIS before you invest into branding and a big fancy website - this could save you UNTOLD frustration, countless hours of work and a ton of money).
  • How to lay out your information, what to price your workshops and what to put on your flyers from A- Z.
  • How to create the 4 different catchy headlines for your talk/workshop. You'll discover what to call your workshop, create a killer title, learn the best places to host them and more!
  • I share with you EVERYTHING I know about hosting intimate workshops that you use them to consistently help you attract high end coaching clients ( each time you speak you could be generating anywhere from $4000- $25,000 and upwards JUST from hosting small intimate 1-20 people workshops IF you get the right people in the room, I'll show you how).
Fill Your Workshop Talks & Get Butts in Seats
       How to Attract Joint Ventures to Help you
  • My 2 best ways to attract potential Joint venture partners who will HELP you promote your workshops to THEIR communities.
  • 3 steps to customizing your email introduction, what to say and how to say it when approaching joint venture partners so you look and feel and come across as the professional that you are.
  • Where to go looking for speaking engagements and how to approach potential joint venture partners
My Personal and irresistible OFFER Creation Template
        How to close 30% -50% of the room consistently WITHOUT sounding pushy or salesy!
  • Word for word script of HOW to present your offer, including how to seed it at the very beginning of your talk all the way through and what to say at the end to close ***  this is an almost lethal combination that I MASTERED while selling mops and other direct sales products on stages across Canada and theUS for 4 years - I share the mindset, the systems and the reasons behind why it works SO WELL in detail with you here in this audio + the script  in PDF that you can model after and make yours).
  • You'll discover how to finally get paid what you're worth... without having to worry about price being an issue EVER again!
  • You'll discover an easy and effective way to make sales... and offers from the stage without having to act "salesy" and without having to resort to making any hypey claims (like everyone else does).
Offer includes 2 Live calls with Vanessa - Mark Your Calendar!
  • Call 1 Wed July 12 – 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET - 90 minutes
  • Call 2 Wed Aug 2 – 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET - 90 minutes
NOW $997 
If you buy today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses and resources for FREE so you save even more time getting out there.
 10k in 30 Day BluePrint (18 Minute Video Training)
Still unsure about your offer(s), what to call it what to price it or what to call your workshop?

No problem watch this powerful training video where you'll discover:
  • 3 of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make with their OFFERS that leave thousands of dollars on the table and what to do about it.
  • 2 of my best methods for converting conversations into cash flow.
  • 1 little mindset trick that if you get will EXPLODE your results and ability to take action no matter how much FEAR, self doubt, confusion and procrastination have been preventing you.
 My Evaluation Forms & Templates
Get my personal favorite evaluation forms and templates HOW TO PROCESS credit cards,
tools and resources that you can use in your speaking engagements and workshops to
accept credit cards, and build your list, and get IMPORTANT customer feedback and best
of all your next speaking engagements from!
 "How to Own Your value to Charge What You Are Worth" Audio    training
One of the biggest blocks coaches, consultants, authors and speakers have is
OWNING the value of their work and transformation so they can charge higher

I struggled with this "imposter" feeling for a long time before I finally had a big
breakthrough. Listen into this live coaching call training and do the exercise
so that this never stops you from selling your services.
Workshop Profit Secrets WEBINAR (90 Minute Training)
Get 3 of my personal video training's on how to jump start your income, LEVERAGE your time, and create BIG ticket, lucrative and valuable ONLINE mastermind programs.

Video #1 - How to create your sales attraction system
Video #2- How to package and price your programs
Video #3 - How to manifest ANYTHING with my simple 3 step process.

My First 9k Day!

"First off Vanessa Simpkins thank you for pushing me , guiding me, challenging me because wow did I get results today. Soooooooo drum roll I made my first $9000.00 deal in my Spiritual mentorship.

Thank you Vanessa so much so so much, I feel on top of the world and i’m just getting started. I’m honoured to be an example of the brilliant work you do. Celebrations !!!!! whooot whoop whoop BAMB."

Lisa Lajoie

My First 9k I HIT My First 5 Figure Month! 15k!

I hit my first 5 figure month! Boom! Just got another sale and hit my first 5 figure month! Boom!

I’m officially addicted to having a surplus of mont in my business bank account!

Jessica Kupferman

Podcasting, Branding & Online Strategist

My Dreams Came True!

I was able to bring to life the Juicy Women’s Journey 1 day Womens Empworment Event with Vanessa’s inner breakthrough work and soul savvy sales strategy’s!

It’s been a dream come true for me, to create real transformation and bring empowerment to women on a global scale (we had over 140 women at the event and I’ve been asked to host it all over the country)!

Hiring Vanessa was a HUGE turning point in my career and I am so grateful!

Sharon Cohen
Naturopath, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Montreal

My Dreams Came True!

"Before working with Vanessa, all the marketing methods that worked well in the past, stopped working.

And I needed an instant make-over that could uplevel my sacred service and bring me a quick and consistent cash flow. Following Vanessa’s simple sales attraction system and savvy sales guidance, within a week I put out an offer to my tribe, booked 75 appointments and have a waiting list of 50 people who want to talk to me about my services! Wow! Vanessa helped me breakthrough my aversion to sales and helped me realize that sales is really helping people breakthrough their fear of change.

Vanessa’s challenge is 10K in 30 days, but my results have been DOUBLE that. 20k in 30 Days!

Her sales training is called Skyrocket Your Confidence and Cashflowand that is exactly what she does. Hiring Vanessa was the VERY best thing I have ever done for my business. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel, just follow Vanessa’s recipe and you’re sure to get results you will be happy with!"

Suzanna Kennedy

I Just Signed a Deal $37,000 !

I just signed a deal for $37,000! Hey All. Well, here I am with a celebration! I signed up to work with Vanessa around mid October last month when I was feeling very stuck and unmotivated about my business.

It was such a big decision for me to invest money in the business and myself (as I know it has been for many people in this group). However, I just signed a deal!!!!!!! I just signed off on a deal to run a yearlong leadership program  for the princely sum of £37,200!!!

Overall feels like a brilliant opportunity to get back out there and shine. Thanks so much Vanessa Simpkins for all your help!

Lisa Cattell

My 8k Week!

Best Week Yet – $8k Following Vanessa’s simple and straightforward strategies I had the BEST week in my business yet 8k and counting!

Nicole Longstreath – Virtual Wardrobe Stylist
Only $997
*90 Day Money Back Guarantee*
If you fully implement the program content, I'm 100% that this system will work for you! If after 90-days you have done the work and still not been able to book a single workshop, and can provide proof of the work you did - I will refund your investment.
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